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Building a custom home is accomplished in sequential stages:

  • First select a site.  

  • Design your new home plans.

  • Create a construction cost estimate.

  • Select financing.

  • Build your new home.

  • Enjoy your new lifestyle!

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Homebuilding Process



Choosing Your Homesite














Designing Your Home

Production homes are generically designed to offend the fewest number of people, but tend to lack features that may be important to you. The purpose of building a custom home is to create an environment that specifically fits your lifestyle. Before beginning the design of your new home,

you should consider what is important to you. Consider what type of rooms

you want, where you want your rooms located in relationship to each other,

how much storage you require, and special features of a particular room.


It’s helpful to make a list of things you like, and dislike, about where you live

now.  It’s also useful to collect pictures from magazines that depict

what you wish to be included in your home.  These lists and pictures

help the architect and builder understand how you want your new home designed.



Budgeting and Financing 



Planning Your Home Building Budget

A custom home is not necessarily more expensive than a production home.  In fact, it can be less expensive because your customized home only includes features you want.  You’ll also avoid standard marketing and overhead costs included in the sales price of a production home.


Once you’ve selected a site and completed the plans, Bolin Steger Homes will prepare a cost estimate for your new home.  If the total budget is more than anticipated, adjustments can still be made that don’t compromise your vision of your dream home.  Cosmetic and finishing items can be modified without sacrificing the structural and architectural features of your custom home.

Choosing your new home site involves several factors that may affect construction costs.  In addition to location, other factors should be considered such as: trees, topography, and availability of utilities.  A site with valuable trees or high slopes may require a home design with a unique foundation that incorporates the attractive features of the site.  


Some sites may require water wells, septic systems, or electrical service to be constructed with your new home. We can help you decide what system is neccesary as well as which are most efficient.


If you don't have a homesite in mind, we can assist you in finding a homesite; whether that be in the city or outside on your own acreage!



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Bolin Steger Homes will work with your existing banking relationships, or introduce you to one of our lenders to secure financing for your new home.  In either scenario, we’ll provide you with the all the technical support you need to acquire financing without getting involved in your personal affairs. We’ll assist you without invading your privacy, because…it’s all about you!

Financing Your New Home

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“We appreciate the heads up and all of your planning and coordinating.  No one we talk to about our house can believe how smoothly it’s going and how quickly it is getting done. “ 

Bill, Gruene