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  • R-8 HVAC supply ducts

  • 50 gallon energy efficient water heater

  • Vinyl frame windows provide a thermobreak

  • Low E2 glass in windows providing highest shading coefficient from u/v rays

  • Exterior sheathing insulates, braces, & soundproofs exterior walls

  • Whole house wrap prevents air infiltration

  • Insulated garage overhead door keeps garage cooler

  • Continuous soffit venting provides extra cool air intake into attic

  • Ridge venting & air hochs provides extra hot air exhaust out of attic

Additional Energy Features Used in Bolin Steger Homes

  • Energy efficient 14 SEER air conditioning

  • Programmable thermostat

  • Foam gaskets under exterior plates

  • Windows & exterior doors frames sealed

  • Drywall opening on exterior walls sealed

Energy Features Utilized by Bolin Steger Homes

  • Engineered post-tension foundation

  • ALL walls framed on 16" centers

  • Oversized headers spanning interior & exterior openings

  • Engineered web floor trusses

  • Durable cementious sidings & exterior trim

Structural Features


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